Body by Vi Day One: motivated and (surprisingly) satisfied!

July 21, 2009

This morning I started the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge – and I am excited!! I think that there is probably nothing that can motivate me more to transform my body than seeing myself in a bikini! ūüėČ ¬†I was headed to the Huntington Dog Beach today — so needless to say, I was pretty pleased with myself as I drank my protein shake this morning.¬†

Today’s Shakes:

Strawberry Banana Vi-Shake :¬† 2 scoops¬†Vi Shape¬†Protein Shake mix, 8oz non-fat milk, banana energy mix-in, Vi Trim appetite suppressant, and 6 frozen strawberries in a blender… yum!

The O.G. Vi Shake: 2 scoops Vi Shape¬†Protein Shake mix, 8oz non-fat milk, Vi Trim appetite suppressant in the Body by Vi Shaker cup… easy and quick when you are on the go ūüėȬ†

I’ve tried several different diet and weight management plans in the past – but none of them were as straightforward, cost-effective, or downright easy as this Body by Vi Challenge.¬†¬† What I really love is that you set your own goals.¬† They can be ambitious or small based on how you want to change your body.¬† I also like that I don’t have to weigh myself in public or carry around any boxed meals.¬†

So what are MY goals for the next 90 days?  (Yes, I am going to make them public.)

¬†— Follow the Body by Vi Exercise Plan (do 3 sessions strength training & 3 sessions aerobic training per week)

¬†— Replace 2 meals per day with a Vi – Shape Protein Shake

¬†— Take Vi Trim Appetite Suppressant and Vi Slim Metabolism Boosters once per day

¬†— Cut down sodas to 1 per week — replace with Neuro!

¬†— Drink at least 6¬†glasses of¬†water per day

¬†— Get into a single digit size

¬†— lose at least 30 pounds… that’s 1/3 pound per day! yikes!!

So… will I make it?¬† Stay tuned to find out.¬† ūüôā

Join me!!  http://www.myViChallenge.com






What is Body by Vi??

July 20, 2009

ViSalus Sciences just launched a new Health challenge called Body by Vi. I have had success losing weight with ViSalus products in the past but I had reached a plateau and have been unable to motivate myself to take it to the next level. So when I heard about the Body by Vi 90 day challenge, I decided to TAKE THE CHALLENGE!!!

Ok – so Body by Vi has 3 kit choices that depend the seriousness of your health goals:

Balance Kit seems to be for small weight loss goals, or to get you started feeling healthier.

Shape Kit looks like it is what you do to see a change in your overall body shape.

Transformation Kit (what I chose) says it has everything that I need to help me see and feel maximum results. (I like the sound of that!)

Here is a picture of my Transformation Kit.   Body by Vi Transformation Kit Here is what it comes with:

Vi-Shape Shake Mix (60 servings)

Vi-Slim Metabolism Boosters (30 servings)

Vi-Trim Appetite Suppressant (30 servings)

Shape-Up Flavor Mix-ins: Banana, Chocolate, and Strawberry    (45 servings)

Omega Vitals (30 servings)

Neuro Smart Energy Drink: Raspberry and Lemon (30 servings)

Online Health Membership

Program Guide with a journal, 90-day exercise plan, 90-day walking plan, & sample week menu.

I am sooo excited to get started on this challenge! If you want to join me go to http://www.myViChallenge.com and click  Join the challenge!

There is a lot of pictures and videos on there that you can see too. ūüėČ